Company Profile

Outlook takes great pride in creating hardscapes of the finest quality and workmanship. We dedicate our 40+ years of combined experience to design and lay masterpieces which reflect your needs and preferences, to your complete satisfaction.

According to owner, Matt Hensley:

"Hardscape truly defines a home; whether it's an expertly constructed patio or unique stone accent lining a drive, we build to your specifications creating a unique, lasting impression."

We look forward to working with you and enhancing your outdoor retreat to enjoy for years to come.

Matt Hensley

Vice President

For Matt, there are no shortcuts.

Matt was in business as soon as he was old enough to push a lawnmower. He used that mowing money to pay half his way through school at Southwest Baptist University—and then spent his college summers laying bricks.

There was a brief dream of becoming a doctor, but Matt had already laid the foundation for his true passion. He wanted to run his own business.

So he took what he knew and paved his dream, brick by brick, always with careful attention to every last detail and to earning—and keeping—the trust of each and every client.

That first job taught Matt a lot about what he wanted out of life—to be outdoors, to be his own boss, and to be answerable only to the quality of his craftsmanship and the vision of his clients.

Tammy Hensley


Tammy puts the dream to work.

Matt had the dream. Tammy had the drive and the vision.

She encouraged Matt to start his own company just as they were starting their own family. Tammy, who also graduated from Southwest Baptist University, had already put her double major in Business Management to work, first as an analyst and later as an area sales manager.

When they finally launched Outlook, she brought her talent and passion for people to the family business.

Where Matt may have literally paved the way, Tammy took the helm, nurturing Outlook to make sure all those things that support a company’s success run smoothly.

Randy Kroencke

Lead Foreman

Randy paves creativity and integrity into every project.

Right out of high school, Randy started working for a masonry company. He fell in love with the way the right hardscape design brings harmony to a home’s character. Tudor or Craftsman, Georgian or Queen Anne, Randy respects the notes and integrity of your home’s architecture.

Randy first met and worked with Matt in 1990—and they’ve been friends ever since. In 2006, Randy joined Outlook, bringing his good nature, creativity, and knowledge into our customers’ homes. And he’s earned their trust—with his precision and passion, expertise and experience.

Matt will tell you, he’s learned everything he knows from Randy. Like brothers, they push each other to do better, to look more closely, to perfect their craft. And that playful competition to constantly one-up each other has earned them a solid reputation among their clients and their friends.